Monday, November 30, 2009

Not tooo Shabby

Well I suppose that posting on average every 2/3 days isn't too shabby! Certainly far better than I expected myself to do.

A few pictures of the Ranch for those of you who enjoy such things at this glorious time of year:

Next to the highway...

Close Up (yes I played with the saturation):

Holy Smokes it's on fire!

I know, right? LOOKS LIKE IT'S ON FIRE. I also enjoy how the cloudy sky is totally overexposed. Makes the fire brighter.

Also - note to random tourists: Please do not climb out of your car and wander around taking pictures. Where there is heavy machinery. And, when politely asked to leave...don't stick your tongue out. You look like an idiot.

In other news, the overabundance of gift guides in the Reader has me thinking of the holidays. I love Christmas. No amount of Scrooginess, or Grinchiness will deter me. I have carols on the iPod. I am busting out the ornaments. I am desperately craving spice of gingerbread, the headiness of hard sauce. I want to BAKE people.

In a word: Ready.


  1. Maaaaan, I am like the crabbiest person on the planet...and I love me my Christmas, too.

    I agree, hard sauce is a big part of that. Did you even TASTE it? Butter + sugar + brandy = WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED SERIOUSLY.

    So which carols are your go-tos? Are you old school, with Basie, Sinatra, and Crosby, or do you like to punch it up a little bit with Diana Krall, Josh Groban, and Miley Cyrus?

    Also: I love that second picture like whoaaah. I want you to photograph the persimmon tree! DO IT DO IT DO IT.

  2. Please Anise.

    I am going to pretend that you DID NOT JUST REFERENCE MILEY CYRUS ON THIS WEBSITE.

    Old standards. all the way.

    Miley Cyrus. Jesus.

  3. Frances, Frances, Frances. Just because you are afraid of somthing does not mean you can avoid it all your life. I'm just keeping you on your toes, is all. I'm helping you come to terms with your fears.