Friday, November 13, 2009

Noodles, and Broth, and Tripe - Oh, My!

Full disclosure: this post was written with the help of The McDeezy.

McDeezy, the Mav and I just came back from Vietnamese food in The Sunset. We typically hit up Kevin's Noodle House for our soup noodle needs, and we came back just as expected. More than slightly sloshy - in fact, McDeezy claims to have a water tank where his belly used to be.

That's because bowls of pho tend to look like this:

That is to say, obscenely and awkwardly large. This picture actually looks to be a small bowl of pho. And it is STILL more than any one person could reasonably eat.

Unless you happen to be The Mav and/or The McDeezy. In that case, one would feel a sort of civic duty to finish your hugely enormous bowl of soup, noodles, tripe, beef, tendon, and maybe a veggie or three.

McDeezy is also puzzled by the fact that there must be a specific pronunciation of the word "pho". You can see this in the innumerable word plays available online. For example:

Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.

Doubtless The Observer would have some thoughts regarding the level of foodiocy in this post. I would rate it a 8.76, mostly for sticking the landing with a solid inclusion of the words "nyuk nyuk nyuk"

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