Monday, November 9, 2009

In which there are pirates. No Seriously!

Yes. I know. I didn't blog yesterday.

Epic. Fail.

HOWEVER, leaving an after-party to BLOG is lame. Beyond lame. Pathetically Lame.

I don't like to do lame things.

The after-party was, of course due to the overwhelming success of Royal Jam at Battle of the Bands. I feel like I can state quite objectively that the brainy nerds absolutely stole the show.

Even the parents agreed.

But let's start at the beginning.

I arrive at The DNA Lounge (apparently "A disorderly house injurious to the public welfare and morals"...ok...) and go inside to hear confusingly loud music. Like, death metal.


For example, Aborticide, sounds like "a whirlwind mixture of experimental, avant-garde, post-apocalyptic cyber industrial death metal"

Royal Jam's influences include The Beatles, Dave Matthews Band, and Stevie Wonder. Right. They are awesome, and sound hauntingly beautiful.

(This is all Sharri! Sadly, she is off in Seattle, getting her degree in neuroscience. THANKS FOR LEAVING SHARRI.)

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you if the other bands were any good. I simply do not have an ear for metal of any kind, despite my previous employment experience doing time at Mayhem Festivals, etc. I TRIED, I'M SORRY.

What I CAN tell you is that not only did this Battle of the Bands span genres, it also apparently spanned ages.

Not, that you could tell or anything. I mean SURE, there were parents there! And SURE, they were definitely taking home videos as the kids on stage strutted their stuff and screamed hoarsely into the mike and then waved, embarassingly pleased at the camera. WHO WOULDN'T?!

I would say that most people wouldn't wear Halloween striped pirate pants to play a show. But that is just me. And anyone over the age of 15.

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  1. Man, I suck for not being there.

    But the pirate pants? Really? Really? Parents videotaping like it was elementary school band all over again? SORRY I MISSED THAT!