Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Time Has Come

The Walrus Said.
To talk of Many Things.

That is really what this whole daily blogging thing comes down to right? Talking of many things. In my case, they happen to be very many. And varied. And RANDOM. But, you all know this.

Today's topic - MUSIC.

I have always been fascinated by music tastes. Seriously. No one person has the same taste as another. People listen to music that you wouldn't at all think they would like! The Coz? Likes soundtracks. The Blonde? hearts Breaking Benjamin and the Sick Puppies - seriously, a quarter hour spaz on how awesome they are. The Man? Phish. The Mav? CLASSICALLY TRAINED PIANIST.

Hell, the head of the Slipknot fan club is a middle aged mom from Bristol.

Me? I've been listening to a lot of gypsy polka. It's strange. I guess the moral is that you never can tell, and that someone's music choices really don't have much say in defining his or her personality.

Unless you are, like, obsessed with Clay Aiken. As in, you belong to his fan club. Unfortunately, if that is the case I PROBABLY KNOW WHO YOU ARE. And have probably kicked you off the site more times than I can count. Ah, memories.

I DIGRESS. The main reason for this post is because the girls at work have a yearly tradition of not buying gifts for everyone, but instead making a playlist and giving it out on a CD. Everyone gets new music, and no one loses money.


I feel like the best way to do this is to probably just check out my My Most Played Songs (Thanks iTunes!). This will obviously feature Gogol Bordello, Jill Tracy, that one song from The Orion Experience, The Fratellis, and some Presidents of the United States of America.

HOWEVER. I will also mix it up with some Rodrigo y Gabriela, some Buena Vista Social Club, a little bit of swing and some classic Jazz. Please note that this will not constitute the entirety of my mix. Give me slightly more credit than that.

The trick? Getting it all to mesh into some sort of cohesive mix. Does order really matter any more? If one were to listen to the soothsayers in High Fidelity, then the answer is clearly YES, but I don't really find I stick to the order of my original playlist anymore.

Anyway, thoughts? Any songs I should Definitely Include?


  1. I want to say "put on '80's hair metal", but I think everyone pretty well played out on that.

    But Gogol Bordello and Rodrigo y Gabriela? CANNOT GO WRONG. You could try some Henry Mancini, too? And if you don't own Marilyn Monroe singing, "I'm Through With Love," you're clearly crazy. Ooh! Or something from "Kill Bill"?

    CLEARLY this was a bad question to ask me. Indecisive!

  2. So I would suggest anything by The Eagles...because they're timeless. (in my opinion of course) but I would suggest anything that's not super popular by them, like My Man, or On the Boarder, or some of their newer stuff, I don't Want to Hear Anymore, Waiting in the Weeds, etc. But that's just me =)

  3. I don't think you can ever go wrong with some Rolling Stones (everyone likes them, right?), some old school R&B/Hip Hop (BoyzIIMen, Tribe Called Quest, Biggie), Radiohead and throw in some Air Supply just to keep everyone on their toes.