Wednesday, November 18, 2009


At the very last minute (aka Yesterday) The Mav asked me if I would be interested in going to go see the So You Think You Can Dance live tour in San Jose. I gave it some thought, argued with my internal accountant, before collapsing, inevitably in the face of awesome.

And team, I was not disappointed.

Ok - I was slightly disappointed that they didn't do the Argentine Tango.


It was sort of like a ridiculously high production value, super talented high school performance. The performances were amazing, and seeing it live was incredible. The transitions from performance to performance...were not.

For example, to introduce each other, they dragged out the name like they were announcing the MVP at the Super Bowl. HEEEERE'S JAAAAASOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.

*cue screaming*

Seriously though - I had a great time. There was a running joke all night referring to the Russian Dance Routine that got SLAMMED by the judges. Jeanine and Phillip appeared at least 5 different times attempting to perform it, and were gently shooed off stage by the other dancers until finally the entire group performed a mashup hip-hop/folk-dance routine.


It was clear that either they themselves had written their own lines, or a random intern at the studio who had no idea what she was doing. However, the bottom line was that the performances were amazing, and the audience reaction was HILARIOUS. For example, the vampire routine with the music from Twilight - 40,000 females squealed.

As The Mav's friend said - SYTYCD simply brings out the 15-year old girl in all of us. Both my younger counterpart and I were well pleased.

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