Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And Now...A Word from the Maverick

"Of course you've seen that picture already. You consume 90% of the Internet with obsessive Reader reading". - The Maverick (who shall be henceforth referred to as "The Mav")

Picture in question: Courtesy of Decor8 (I know right? Red chucks on a baby? ADORABLE)

Now. Is there anything WRONG with my Reader? Of course not. Is it not the most efficient way of consuming information? Of course it is. I have all my blogs in one handy spot. It pulls information directly from the websites, so that I can even enjoy the travails of the chillin kangaroo from the comforts of my blocked work computer.

(Sidebar - PANDORA?! REALLY?! I WEEP, I.T. Department)


Team, I follow many blogs. Probably too many - Interior Design, Food, Shopping, Movies, Tech, Hilarity, Photography, even Web Comics. AND THAT IS JUST TO NAME A (VERY) FEW.

I love my reader, even if The Man may tease me for it. I refuse to apologize.

In that end, I have added a blogroll. I warn you! If I find that it gets too cluttered, I shall remove it.


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  2. Sooo as you and I both know, smitten kitchen is like a godsend. some of the best recipes have come from this of which we made the other night, tomato and corn pie.. a tid bit rich, but we of course ate it as a main dish lol. Apartment Therapy is awesome, totally awesome. And design sponge is just redic. So yeah reader is just totally awesome, and if you havent checked it out yet, you haven't experienced extreme awesomeness. =D

  3. You use all these technical terms I do not comprehend! But seriously. The "reader" concept is nothing less than brilliant.

    Also, the chillaxin' kangaroo. Prob. my favourite FU Penguin moment. Nice choice.

    And the baby photo looks TOTALLY like Shogo. That. Is Scary.