Friday, December 18, 2009

The Importance of Traditions


This is a Public Service Announcement.

The Westin St. Francis...has ruined Christmas.

EVERY YEAR. For as long as I can remember, my family and I would always ride the elevators at the St. Francis for my birthday.

Tonight, in accordance with that tradition, we approached the rear of the hotel - laughing, joyful, spreading good cheer. We go past the gingerbread castle, and the tree with electronic icicles. We turn the corner, and are confronted with a SECURITY GUARD, demanding to see a room key before we can go past.

Are you serious? I demand.

...he looks a little frightened. "I need to see your room key"

But I do this every year! For my whole life. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

...he meekly apologizes, and insists that he needs a key.

I lay into him: "You, sir, have RUINED CHRISTMAS. EVERY YEAR FOR 25 YEARS. TRADITIONS ARE IMPORTANT" this point my dad starts dragging me away. He consoles me by offering to collapse, as a distraction, thereby enabling me to sneak away to my elevators.

I should have cried.


  1. O NO THEY DI'N'T (wait, how do you spell that).

    I was planning on spending huge bucks staying there when I become a millionaire in the near future - BUT NO MORE, WESTIN ST. FRANCIS. No. More.

    Frances, on behalf of everyone, I apologise.

  2. good GOD. that is terrible!!!!

    and i feel bad for bragging.... but i totally took my 13 year old mentee up there (both of lookin' like total scrubs) on december 16th and didn't get caught....... =/