Monday, September 14, 2009

Where Have All The Hats Gone?

I feel like this is an extremely common lament amongst my girlfriends. We are always drooling over Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart or William Powell or WHOEVER, simply because he is wearing a hat. And he looks damn fine in it.

The Mav and I also enjoy our hats:

And yes, we frequently do look debonair, thanks for asking.

Funnily enough, for once The Chron has written an article that provokes interest and now I'm FASCINATED. A custom fit hat?! HOW AWESOME DOES THAT SOUND?! Fabulously decadent? Maybe. Totally unnecessary? Definitely.

But the fact remains, team. I look awesome in hats.


  1. Holy Silk Top Hats, Batman! FRAN WE HAVE TO GO THERE. We need to get you a *real* hat, after all!

    Also, while it is, of course, an obvious fact that All Men Look Better In Fedoras, let it not be overlooked that Men Dig Chicks In Hats. Everybody wins! Someone alert the fashion industry.

  2. dude, you look hot in hats. and when was that pictures taken. HOT!!! =D