Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An Encounter with Parrots

Today I grabbed my book to head out to have lunch on the Terrace. Taking advantage of what minimal good weather San Francisco provides during the "summer" is obligatory, especially considering Cole Valley doesn't believe in summer. It believes in fog.


I took the current read, Captain Blood, by Rafael Sabatini and the Roasted Tomato and Mozz. sammich out to read upon the terrace. I thought to also listen to Ye Olde Ipod. I was, however, cruelly thwarted by the NOISE.

I peer around the shading umbrella, and BIRDS are creating this racket. GREEN BIRDS WITH RED HEADS. I know what you are thinking. Frances, old bean, you have clearly lost what few marbles you have. But it's true!


"What?" you ask.
"Are those...parrots?" you demand.

Why yes. Yes they are. Apparently the wild parrots are, like, a thing. Enough that Mark Bittner actually made a movie, the crazy man.

Now that's what you call the sweetness.


  1. Oh god the birds, the BIRDS! People like to smile and shield their eyes as they look up adoringly, but that faint appreciation goes away REAL QUICK when you just want to eat your freaking lunch in peace.


  2. "Now that's what you call the sweetness."

    Do I sense...a CATCHPHRASE, perhaps?

  3. Zee birds! Zee birds! They come for you to munch away your sammich when you're not looking!

    Since when do you have a bloggy blog?

  4. I still think you should name them... and I still think one of them should be Elvis... I'm just sayin! =D btw... i love the fact that you're blogging

  5. 4,400 usd on the bush !
    I was at the bird shop yesterday... and im getting this parrot for 1,100 usd in here....