Monday, September 14, 2009

Those Sturdy Golden Bears

Team, there are few things that I enjoy more than a full day of football. Especially with a schedule as follows:

11am - Wake up
12:30 - Mosey over to Berkeley
12:45 - Hit up Cheese 'N' Stuff and devour a Thanksgiving sandwich (complete with Cranberry!)
2:30 - Stroll up to the stadium with a sense of purpose, saunter into the Young Alum section next to the band, and proceed to absolutely murder Eastern Washington.

I mean seriously:

59-7? Let's keep it real. Roll on You Bears. Especially you, Mr. Best. You keep it up. Any sort of action that can promote scenes like this are fine by me:

God, I love football. I especially love it when we win. Go Bears. I will leave you with this final image from my college graduation:

Now that's what I call the sweetness.

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    We're totally going to the Bonfire again, this year.