Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Dinner Party

The Menu:
Macaroni in an Extra Sharp Cheddar and Gruyere sauce with nutmeg and paprika
Mushrooms in a Marsala Reduction
Pao de Queijo
Green Salad with Blood Oranges & Apples with a fresh vinagrette
BV's Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon

The Company:
3 neuroscientists, a professor of economics at Johns Hopkins, an entrepreneur, and (for the purposes of this post) an editor.

The Music:
Classical Violin

This sounds pretty impressive right? RIGHT

Everything else:
We ran out of dining chairs, and so 2 of our illustrious company were camping out on office chairs. The boys decided it would be fancier if we ate in the living room so we crammed the table in between the couch and the stereo. This meant that we were constantly clambering over the couch. We also ran out of plates...and one person jerry-rigged a "plate" out of a pot lid upended over a bowl. We didn't have enough wine, so people resorted to PBR.

It's like...we know what class is...and we aspire to it! We just couldn't...quite...make it.

Dinner was awesomely fun though. And delicious.

PS. I love that I am tagging this as both "Awesome" and "Fail"


  1. I have to say, the mac and cheese, mushrooms, and wine together, was skrumchulecent.... yes I said it... skrumchulecent... don't look it up... it doesn't exist... why you ask? because I made it up... whats the definition? the best thing you've ever tasted. =)

  2. Cannot stop laughing.

    I love how eating "in the living room" necessitated moving the table all of - what - four feet? NICE ONE THERE, F.

    And who the heck is the econ prof? Do I know them?

  3. Hahaha this was actually at The Man's place - he's one of his roommates.

    Since when would I have a stereo?? OR PBR FOR THAT MATTER.

  4. OH OKAY THEN. That makes mildly more sense. I was picturing the table stuffed in between couch and TV and wondering what The Man was on to think that was a good spot to eat.

    And you know, I don't recall ever seeing you drink beer, except Pyramid that one time. I KNOW SO LITTLE ABOUT YOUR TASTES, F.