Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On Projects.

I was speaking with The Coz today, off in merrie olde England, and I was getting all excited for summer. For her garden. Ok - for her mother's garden, which she will not be able to enjoy this year because she will be gallivanting around Europe, going to Operas in Vienna, and so on.

Because I am obsessed with Reader, and more specifically the glorious possibilities afforded to me by the source of instant gratification in the form of food blogs, Food in Jars was recently brought to my attention. Canning, apparently, is the new Thing. The new Cake Pops, if you will. As people move away from processed foods, and actually eye the nutritional labels to see the sodium content (and subsequently keel over from spontaneous cardiac arrest) the old-fashioned ways return.

Fascinating no? The product review seems particularly intriguing. I was not able to talk myself into the purchase however. I feel like I should start smaller with things I actually have available: blackberry jam, for instance. Or pickles.

Not making my own butter from the placid Cow I have in the backyard.

We shall see if this actually happens. I typically get all excited to start a project, but rarely actually do so. For example, the time I wanted to build a couch. Or last week, when I got all excited to make pillows out of my new bridesmaid dress.

However, when I DO start things, I typically finish them. For example, I am still working on my scarf! At this point it is NEARLY large enough to SWADDLE A BABY. So...I am still toolin' right along on that front.

Except when that "thing" that I start is Lent. I don't want to talk about it.


  1. Has it occurred to you that, once The House is finished, you MIGHT have a placid cow in the backyard?


    I will be expecting butter, Coz. Freshly. Churned. Butter.

  2. Yeah, yeah, I know about that scarf. It's as close to finished as mine, and while it's not really scarfish, it will be an excellent wubbie for baby of whichever of my friends gets knocked up first.

    Bridesmaid dresses into pillow shams? Easy-peasy! Do you have a sewing machine?

    As for butter, it ain't hard. I've churned some butter in my day. Heck, once I did it on accident while trying to turn milk into whipped cream!