Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Regarding Family Recipes

It was my intent this evening to make my favorite soup, my grandmother's vegetable soup, a staple of Easter and Christmas dinners.

Or whenever I begged.

It's a good soup! With many vegetables for a particularly nutritious Tuesday dinner. Or it would have been had I not forgotten myself and used an entire stick of butter.

Damn. That was some tasty soup.

Also advice from Grammy when making this soup - "if it doesn't taste good, just add more bouillon!"

Bouillon FTW team. For the win.

NEXT UP - MEYER LEMON MORNING ROLLS - like cinnamon rolls, but with a delicious, lemony filling.

EDIT: I realized this post would be infinitely served if I ACTUALLY POSTED THE FRIGGIN RECIPE. So that all the internet can glory in its deliciousness:

2 cups lettuce, chopped (I used half of the heart of romaine head)
2 cups celery, chopped
2 onions, chopped (tears running down my face, per the usj)
1 carrot, chopped

Saute veggies in
1/2 stick of butter (of if you are, you know, slow of wits, an entire stick)
until you feel like the volume has reduced by approx 20%.

Add 2 cans of diced tomatoes and 4 cups of boiling water (electric kettle = awesome)

Simmer for 30 minutes.

Add 4 cubes of bouillon, salt and pepper to taste. Allow the bouillon cubes to melt and then the soup to simmer up again.

My grandmother says to keep adding bouillon till it tastes good, but this usually happens around 4 cubes.

Carefully ladle into bowls, making a minimum of mess, and present proudly to roommate. The Mav politely inquires as to how much butter is actually in the soup, declares it similar to eating a cookie, and happily consumes for 2nd dinner.



  1. WTF a whole stick of butter. We are not Julia Child, here! CONTROL YOURSELF.

    And "Meyer Lemon Morning Rolls"? Genius. I approve.

  2. We should be Julia Child - how AMAZING WOULD THAT BE.

    I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE LEMON ROLLS. Pictures will hopefully accompany this most excellent of posts.

  3. THEY MOST SURELY MUST. I have nothing but a microwave and minifridge shared with six other people! I must cook vicariously through you!

    And I actually didn't have this recipe, so thanks.

  4. I love it when a recipe entails a whole stick of butter. I love it even more when it calls for two! By the way, I had NO IDEA that's what FTW meant. I thought it meant. . .well, nevermind what I thought it meant, I'm just glad I know now.