Friday, October 2, 2009

Argentina Part 1 - Miami

Of the innumerable blogs I follow, one of my favorites has to be The Big Picture, out of the Boston Globe. Mr. Taylor collects the best AP and press photos internationally, and places them all together, always relevant to some current event. Check it out, Team - Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Thanks to UNESCO adding Tango, it put me in mind of the recent trip to Argentina, and the fact I had never really posted pictures. Also, the fact that I kept a travel journal whilst...traveling, really prompted me in starting this silly blog.


At this point, most of you have heard about the insanity that was our first attempt to leave the country. Heavy storms over TN prompted major delays, so we missed our connecting flight from Miami to Buenos Aires. The next flight wasn't for another...24 hours.


So we chilled in Miami! From this I learned several things:
1) Smart phones are so critical. Like seriously - the Airline kept telling us to use our Blackberries to figure out hotels and the status of the flight. ONLY WE COULDN'T DUE TO OUR TOTAL LACK of smart phones. Blackberries or otherwise.
2) Cabbies in Miami are jerks. For some reason, our Chosen One decided to take us on a merry tour of the freeways between the Airport and our "Airport Hotel" for 35 MINUTES.
3) Miami in June is Impossibly. Hot. Gross Hot. Shirt sticks to back and seat and surrounding objects Hot. Eww.
4) Iguanas in Florida are like Deer in California - everywhere.
5) If someone offers you the chance to drive a cigarette boat, you take it:


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