Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Re: The USC Game

Let's get down to brass tacks people.

When it comes to the Trojans, the Bears have a less than pristine record. In fact, it is almost uniformly DARK except for the one bright, shining spot in 2003.

*tear* Excuse me, I get emotional just thinking about that game. So beautiful.

Anyway, despite an awesome pregame first at The Ferry Building, and then at the Lair (exhibit A)

...we just couldn't get the act together. It was a mess. In the beginning, it looked like optimism would lead the Bears down the field, but this was closely followed by an interception. In the end zone. Best was held to under 50 yards and the Bears were demoralized almost from the start.

Heart Wrenching.

Also, have you ever tried to take the downtown Berkeley Bart after a game? MADNESS. It looked like a scene out of Independence Day, when the aliens drive everyone out of the city and traffic is INSANE. That's what the Bart station looked like. A solid mass of people. My shoulders were cringing, both from people-claustrophobia AND an irrational fear of an alien attack.


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  2. Holy crow. Nice BART tip.

    And Frances, if optimism could carry the day, you KNOW the thousands of Berkeley students would be propelling those Not-So-Mighty Golden Bears to victory every week.

    Sadly, it doesn't, and we still suck. Don't even mention '03. It only makes it worse.