Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Re: The Alameda Flea + HSB

I know right? You had to do a double take because you thought HSB = HSM = High School Musical, and your head almost exploded. I would have freaked out too.

Instead, HSB stands for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, which was FANTASTIC but more on that later. Allow me to expound on the TOTAL AWESOME that is the Alameda Antiques Fair, known by those of the the Alameda Flea.

This place has everything you didn't know you needed (or wanted) and maybe more. For example, how much do you TOTALLY want a new phone? With a rotary dial? IN GREEN?

Next up, we have vintage London bus rolls. I really don't have any desire to live in an overly expensive SOMA loft (although I wouldn't mind living in an old warehouse. With brick siding. ahem) I could probably make these right? With relevant Bus lines? Maybe not...

Walking around the corner, I am jolted to a stop by this:
Now, I know what you are thinking. A marquis frame (lights included and working!) surrounding the Batman Forever movie poster. I know I speak for a definite minority of people when I say that Jim Carrey's Riddler was hilarious, and that I found Tommy Lee Jones hysterically unbalanced, but even I realize the folly of this sales move.

Farm animals. Made out of tin. And then piled haphazardly on one another. Need I say more?
I think not.

Some of you, seeing this next picture will gravitate toward disparate parts of the photo.
Some to the cool ashtray, some to the vintage oval coffee table, and still others to the avocado green circle bench. I myself took this picture for the GIANT FISH. BECAUSE OMG GIANT FISH.

Because, c'mon. How often do you see a jumbled pile of wooden ducks?! I can't really imagine that it's all that often. Unless you are a duck hunter. And these are your decoys. In which case I would tell you that they clearly need some TLC. No self respecting duck is going to be fooled by this amount of chipping paint, and then who is gonna be sorry come dinner time? Not the duck my friend.

And finally, I will end this with jewelry.
Because this is my blog. And we all know that's just how I roll.

A brief note on Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. After a MASTERFUL effort of trying to get into the park (seriously, took us 3 hours) we arrived! And got to briefly hear Neko Case! And were offered miscellany by several different strangers!

I love San Francisco.

And before you ask, I did indeed pick up a few things for myself at the Flea. One, a blue and white china tea cup that is inscribed with Made in Occupied Japan. And a skeleton. Made of wood. And gold leaf.

He hangs next to my bed and leers at you when you walk in the door.

I love him. His name is Tomas "El Dulce" Molina. He oh so totally has the sweetness.


  1. Let me just say that the Alameda Flea is an event that everyone should attend at least once in their life, if not for the neato things that you can find, but for the Kettle Korn. ITS AMAZING, and you can smell it from across the parking lot. I'm just saying, it's decadent.

    btw.... everyone can use a rotary phone...especially in green ;)

  2. O man. I am all over those rotary phones like a cheap suit.

    And skeletons. Skeletons are essential. Next step: buy a real one. Preferably wired so he's fully posable.

  3. A: Unsure if that suggestion is totally logical, frightening, or completely awesome.

    Will ponder, and get back to you.