Monday, May 17, 2010

Notes from Today (and possibly earlier)

I offer the following:

For your edification:

On another note:

I've been OBSESSED with this video (and kinetic typography in general) for a while. Love.

Finally, a scene from our sponsors:
Roommate I enters apartment, chattering gaily about dim sum while raving about the condition of Fell post B2B.
Roommate II commiserates with story of LITERALLY THE UGLIEST TATTOO EVER (seen below)
Roommate I moves toward rear of apartment to change clothes, opens door and SHRIEKS, then falls over, roaring with laughter.
Roommate II, knowing what Roommate I has discovered, giggles like a friggin' LOON.
Enter innocent bystander (McDeezy) who peers curiously into Roommate I's room, then startles back, discovering THIS SITTING UP IN BED.
The End.

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