Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's HOLMES homes! (Sorry)

You know that feeling you get when you've got work and life and friends and the gym and all you want to do is go. back. to. your. book?


The Russell Holmes mysteries make me so happy, I geek out. The series is about Sherlock Holmes' wife: how she met him in the early days of the Great War, and their marriage in the 20s. The character is wickedly aberbic and rabidly intelligent, and gives Holmes a run for his money. I enjoy her immensely. This is the latest book, just out in April:

I spent about an hour at Crepes on Cole tonight with a strawberry-nutella crepe and a pot of English Breakfast, completely blissed out.

That's the sweetness.

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  1. Aside from your *cough* choice of reading matter, how you spent your afternoon sounds damn amazing. Tea and Continental! TRES CHIC, MY COUSIN.

    I shall not harp on my views on this series here (it's much more fun shouting at each other about them in person). I have to say, though, that time Dad proposed we all nickname ourselves for our camping trip, I've always been confused as to why you didn't call yourself 'Mary Russell'. It seems so much more APPROPRIATE for you.

    Also: if you like Holmes, you should read the Dr. Thorndyke stories, by R. Austin Freeman.